Connecting with the Archangels. Archangel Zadkiel.

Photo: Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of knowledge </p><br /><br /><br /> <p> <p>(excerpt featured from my book, "Connecting with the Archangels" Available wherever books are sold in paperback and kindle ~
Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of knowledge who will walk by your side if you are a teacher, student of higher learning and spiritual pursuits. He can keep your ear chakras clear of debris so that you can clearly hear the voices of God, your angels and guides. He can assist with helping you remember things you need to know from grocery lists to speeches you need to make publicly. Writers can work with him if they are writing a book that contains tons of information that is easy to forget. Call on Archangel Zadkiel if you need help with unloading heavy toxic burdens and if you need to experience mercy, compassion, help with forgiveness or letting go of past pain or restoring balance in your life. He is the remembering angel and this is from recalling the smallest detail needed, to identifying who you are as a soul of God.

Incidentally, it is Zadkiel who aligns my vibration with those in the higher realms when I’m in the ‘zone’ or ‘channel’. Since I at times cut in and out of frequency when important information or guidance is being relayed, it is Zadkiel that comes in and restores the communication line ensuring that it is crystal clear and connected. He’s not someone I had originally called in to work with, but this was how he first introduced himself to me. And that was by getting to work instantly whenever I moved into the channel space. He voluntarily comes in to adjust my frequency so that I hear them clearly. This is especially beneficial when attempting to reach God or those in a higher plane than my own Spirit team. The higher I need to reach, the more he shows up to bend the etheric light cords that appear much like a telephone wire. The only difference is these are various different sparkly colored lights that bend, curve and distort depending on where my thoughts are. He is also brushing away dust, dirt and dark particles that sometimes accumulate around this wire.

Zadkiel is not around much on day-to-day communications with my Spirit team, but when I’m writing Spirit messages for a book for example, then he is present through the entire process. Without my request, he shows up almost as if he wants to. This is no surprise that he keeps me connected since he works with clearing out the ear chakras, which is connected to my clairaudience. Now if vital messages are being relayed and I break out of the connection, I immediately say, “Zadkiel please connect me.” Thirty seconds later the connection is strong again.

Excerpt from “Connecting with the Archangels” by Kevin Hunter

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~  Kevin Hunter

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