Hostility abounds in human souls as Mercury Retrograde comes to an end

(image from Energy Oracle)

This is the card they’ve given to me for everyone at this time.  Mercury is stationary today prepping to move direct.  This doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods immediately.  Things will still be a bit bumpy for a few days as is typical when Mercury changes direction in the skies.  As each day progresses through July, the fog and the intensity will lighten up.

I’m not surprised my team asked me to stop on this card.  It’s how I’ve been describing those who simply don’t understand the Mercury Retrograde transit.  Hostile human souls have been rising to the surface recently.  They are prevalent in great numbers unable to effectively navigate through the intensified energies we’ve been experiencing lately.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this over the last few weeks, but it has no doubt been challenging where other people are concerned.  Human souls are the #1 greatest contributors to unhappiness and misery in themselves and in others around them.   I’ve noticed it in abundance specifically at the end of May and through June.  Sure, it’s pretty typical generally, but it’s been out of control lately.  Who else do you think is causing this?  Someone’s cat?  God?  No.  Human souls are to blame for agony and suffering around them.

The messages they’ve given me within this image is certainly backing me up on the unfriendly energy that has been flying around in immeasurable ways.  It almost feels like you might have had to be on guard just like the man in this image.  You have been ready to fight off all those that come at you with their antagonistic energy.  The man in this image is much like the stance that I’ve had during this transit, defending my territory from those that attempt to enter my vicinity without my permission.

Mother Mary is coming in with a message of silence now.  She says that it is time to disconnect and turn it all off in all areas you are able to.  Shut it down and go completely still and quiet.  Disappear and extricate yourself from anything hostile around you.  Avoid getting involved with others if possible.  It’s understood that you might have obligations in your life where you have to face others, perhaps at a job, or you have to go to the store where you know it will be crowded.  She is urging for silence whenever and however possible at this time.  Escape to a quiet location if you can, preferably in nature or create a calming sanctuary at home.  Don’t return calls from those where you know you’ll have to absorb their negative energy.  It’s too burdening on your souls back at this time.  They are acting out due to this transit and it’s best to steer clear of the line of their unnecessary fire.  This week is meant for quiet and silence through the 4th of July weekend.

~  Kevin Hunter

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