I first met George Clooney when Michelle Pfeiffer hired him for her film, “One Fine Day”

I first met George Clooney when (my friend and former boss), Michelle (Pfeiffer) hired him for her film “One Fine Day” back in 1996. She is serious and disciplined on the set, while George would come steamrolling in with practical jokes and disrupting everything into a childlike-fun frenzy.

Three years later I worked with George again for a year on “The Perfect Storm”. That was when our connection exploded which is inevitable when you’re with someone five days a week for a year. At that point he was an even bigger star in films than the 3 years prior. He only continued to grow into producing and directing territory as well as other activities over the years. He enjoyed his drink after work on occasion. I once asked him, “How is that you can get up at the crack of dawn everyday to come here after drinking into the night?” He threw on his signature charming smile and leaned in and said, “The water hits me and it wakes me up.” During that film shoot, he was assaulted by water all day and that was his drinking cure apparently.

George is an awesome human being. He’s always fun loving, warm and incredibly generous. He’s always checking in with you to make sure you’re doing great. He’s very protective and cares beyond most I’ve encountered.

Here’s an example. Many years ago, George was at a restaurant dining and on his way out he ran into one of his male assistants who works at his company. This male assistant is gay and was on a date with another guy. George chatted the couple up like he does and then continued on his way out leaving the restaurant. When the two guys were finished with their date, they asked for the check. The waiter said the bill was already paid. It was paid by George. This is an example of his giving nature and what it’s like to know him.

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~  Kevin Hunter


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