Inner Turbulence Abounds Without Any Sign of Love

The energy is getting a little testy out there again!  I’ve been picking up on agitation, disinterest, turmoil and negative activity off others I’ve been bumping into or even walking past.  Some of them don’t even have to say anything and my psychic antennae immediately scans them for dissection ripping them apart.  This is not an act that I purposely do, sometimes I can’t help it, as it just happens.  There is a ton of inner turbulence going on with others, which is all ego controlled.   What they are masking is ultimately unhappiness in a specific part of their life that seems to be unresolved.  This unhappiness festers and grows prompting that person to lash out negatively or act aloof and removed.

This isn’t terribly unusual behavior as this tends to happen on the final week of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, which we are currently in.  As the planet slows down in its retrograde cycle a week before it moves direct, the energy gets testy with those who don’t understand the transit.  This is when it starts to get bumpy once more.  Sadness and/or frustration starts to build and some become more detached and appear unhappy.  Venus is also currently traveling through the sign of Gemini which is the least warmest sign for Venus to travel through.  This is bringing rise to this emotional coldness in dealing with others.

Where is the love?  It’s almost as if it’s evaporated, yet the irony is this behavior is an underlying craving for love even if that’s not what that soul believes.  The love that resides within you is encased behind a wall of negative emotions.  Your higher self does not create negativity of any kind.  Only your lower self and ego creates a seemingly unending madness.  It’s birthed out of one’s subconscious fears and rises like a fire or flood running out of control.  The cells of the ego within the soul feed off one another and expand.  Love can blast that away, but the battle of the human ego wants to stop that from happening.  It wants complete control and domination to see you suffer!

Ones higher soul must wake up from its slumber and be aware when this takeover has happened.  Once you’re aware of where it’s coming from, it’s much easier to reverse and correct it.   It’s much easier to re-center yourself by focusing on what truly matters.  Letting go of the circumstances you have no control over and take actions steps to correct the things that you can.  The light exists in the darkness.  This is where love is.  It can blast away all traces of negativity if you allow it.  Count your current blessings with gratitude and allow your light to expand and shine.

It will get worse before it gets better.  Mercury moves direct on July 1st and the fog will begin to lift from the haze of the current perception.  Circumstances will be clearer as we methodically begin to push forward into July.

~  Kevin Hunter

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