Careless and Inhumane Souls enter the back gate of Heaven

As a clear vessel of light, I’m here to say that some human souls are put in the back seat when they pass onto the next world. They are on hold in Heaven above. They don’t go through the front gate where you are greeted by angels, but through the back gate. These were the souls who were careless or inhumane. It’s the place you go to learn to forgive yourself for harm you have caused others and to come to terms with this harm you caused. You gain wings when you have made amends and chosen to be a better person in the next life. This can take some time to come to fruition.

You are here in this Earthly life to elevate your consciousness by opening up all of your senses which enables you to be a conduit of the light. Be aware of what’s going on around you, but remain detached from any drama, and stay in tune to your soul’s higher frequency. Focus on the source of love that resides inside you. For so many, this light of fire and spark has dimmed due to the influences that human souls are assaulted with regularly. This light never truly dies and is always accessible effortlessly by your higher self. Do not become so lost in the fog that finding the light that is within you is difficult to locate. It exists and lives within you always. Crank up the volume of this light and allow it to wash over you.

{Don’t you love how I use “Led Zeppelin’s – Stairway to Heaven” image. I gotta keep things hip!  And besides I love my classic rock!}

~  Kevin Hunter

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