The role of an ethical psychic reader is to guide and inform

Searching for the right psychic reader can be challenging and much like searching for the right Doctor! Readers read in a variety of ways. Some are angel readers, some are fortune tellers, others channel messages from the other side, some use objects while others use nothing but their own body. There will be a synastry between you and the reader that feels comfortable for you both. No reader should ever tell you what to do. If they are, that should be a red flag. For example, they should never instruct you to leave someone unless of course that person is abusive. The role of an ethical reader is to simply guide you or inform you of what they are seeing about a particular person or situation in question. They should remain completely objective and neutral in your situation. It is up to you to decide on your next course of action. You have your own free will choice to decide on what’s best for you.

~  Kevin Hunter

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