Mercury Retrograde slows down momentum and brings on the brain fog

The planet Mercury is moving retrograde through July 1st and everything has come to a stand still. Attempting to push forward will likely cause unnecessary resistance. When Mercury moves retrograde it is best just to cruise along effortlessly with it. This month is a time to go back and ‘re’ anything that needs to be corrected or addressed. This means: revise, review, re-do.

When Mercury goes retrograde communications are affected big time. This means someone may say something to you and you might take it the wrong way even though that wasn’t their intention. Everyone’s perception moves into a mental fog where situations are not seen very clearly. Because communications can be misunderstood, this can cause arguments and even break ups! On the flip side, the Mercury Retrograde prompts others to be more introspective and new insights and ideas come to the forefront. Although, be wary of acting on them until Mercury moves direct on July 2nd. People from the past tend to pop back up during a Mercury Retrograde cycle. This includes friendships and exes. Sometimes it’s to bury the hatchet and clear any previous misunderstandings. Other times it’s to start a brand new cycle with the connection.

People tend to get testier during the Mercury Retrograde. They are short fused and tend to take things extra personally. I’ve noticed that the majority who are affected by the Mercury Retrograde cycle are those who don’t know about it or understand how it works. Therefore, they don’t know to soar along with it. I was born during a Mercury Retrograde so everyday is a Mercury Retrograde for me. I know how to navigate through the waters. But as I was telling a friend recently, it’s not me that’s affected, it’s others around me. This has been noticeable the last couple of weeks as I’ve noted here and there. And that is the strangeness in the air with people I don’t know attempting poorly to stop me from doing my work. Because of the work I do and my over confidence and being sure of myself, this turns off and threatens people who live their lives on a lower vibration. I’m an obvious magnet for lower energies. It comes with the territory. And I don’t care. I’m not stopping. It only fuels me to keep going! Use this next month to correct any previous mistakes made. Polish that resume or book. Work out issues with those you haven’t been in contact for awhile. And avoid getting into serious heated discussions with others.

~  Kevin Hunter

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