I am a Warrior of Light which means I go to battle when it’s required of me.

Every now and then there is a lower energy that creeps in on one of my pages with the goal to attack or use antagonistic words towards me or someone else.   I have a disclosure on this and all of my pages that clearly states that displaying that kind of energy results in immediate ban and blocking.  Not to mention you have entered the viper’s nest with me which is something you never want to do.   It will not be enjoyable to be in the boxing ring with me when you overstep your boundaries in this world.   I will confront you about it just before I give you the ultimate axe.   All souls must be responsible for their actions and their words.  When you’re around someone like me and display this energy, it is never overlooked.  I have reduced a number of my superior’s to tears in the past.  This is to illustrate that when you attempt to mess with the structure of light that is around me, then there will be consequences.

Luckily, there have only been 3 or 4 people that have unsuccessfully attempted to jolt my official page of light over the course of the years.  That number will no doubt grow as my work grows.   I typically catch them before anyone has the unfortunate opportunity of seeing it and absorbing that lower energy from that person’s negative words.  I will take on their energy and take care of them as I have been doing and will continue to do so.  I tell ya, it’s just like swatting flies.  Effortless and enjoyable.

The way that my official Facebook page in particular is set up is that it automatically entraps the negative comment into a block so that no one can see that comment except me.  This was the case last night when someone attempted to not only say something negative, but laced it with negative profanity in an attack that was not warranted.  The comment system on that page automatically reads the energy of the comment and knows that it is not of the light, blocks it and sends me a notification.  It’s pretty cool actually!  It’s like a moth heading directly into a light that causes it to crash and burn up into a flame.  Then this commenter has to face me alone and I’m ready to deal with them.   Interestingly enough, Archangel Michael explained to me that the people like that are what God considers, ‘inhumane’.   That was the first time I heard him use that word. He actually sees some of his own children as inhumane.  I guess it’s like any parent who has a rebellious child who acts out in a tantrum causing constant problems to everyone around them.  They’re kind of like lost causes.  My blog doesn’t allow comments for this reason.  Those that tend to comment are typically those hiding behind computer screens with anonymous names like cowards.  There is no room for that in my life or in my world.  Keep that stuff out and in your own home that is plagued with dark energy because of your actions.

I am no Earth Angel and have never pretended to be.  I am a Warrior of Light which means I go to battle when it’s required of me.  My daily security is governed by the mighty warrior of God, Archangel Michael.  He is someone I communicate with everyday, all day, throughout the day.  He oversees all warriors of the Light.  He is the general and we are the soldiers he supervises.  We do whatever we need to do to defeat and correct anything or anyone of a lower energy.  Whereas an Earth Angel may send positive loving vibes and compassion to someone exuding a lower energy, our jobs as warriors is to dive head on in and go to battle with that energy in order to extract it the same way Archangel Michael extracts all lower energies with his sword of light.

I’m also a Wise One and with that entails the temper.  On the other side, I’m a hunter as I’ve stated from time to time.  This element of those traits which are much more powerful on the other side, exists within this human body for a reason.  This comes as no surprise to those who know me.   I don’t want to play bad cop, I don’t like it, but I will when I have to.  The bottom line is whatever page I have in my name is considered a sanctuary of peace, harmony, enlightenment, joy, uplifting optimism, guidance and messages to assist in improving humanity from my Spirit team of guides, angels, Saint Nathaniel and God.   There are always warrior soldiers guarding these gates ready to take action on anyone or anything that sadly and unsuccessfully attempts to get in.  We have a zero tolerance policy for that.  Spend your quality time on things that revolve around LOVE.


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