When people show you who they are, believe them. Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou is and continues to be a warrior of light. She passed away and went back home on May 28, 2014.

Maya Angelou said something interesting to Oprah Winfrey once. “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

Think about how profound that is and how it pertains to the issues you’ve had with others in your life who you believe hurt you. As I’ve made known throughout the course of 2014, is how many have reached out to me about someone they were with who turned on them.  That person ended their connection abruptly, perhaps out of self-centeredness, perhaps out of fear.  Does it really matter why they ended it? They’ve left those around them devastated and confused not understanding why this happened. You’re holding out for some miracle that the person who did this will suddenly wake up one morning and do the right thing by correcting it.  This is connected to Maya Angelou’s statement.

The topic came up with Oprah Winfrey about Oprah’s love life way back in the 80’s I think. It was definitely before she was with her current man. Oprah explained to Maya about the dating dilemma she was in. Yes, Oprah is not exempt from dating issues. She is just like everybody else, but happens to have a job that has made her super well-known around the world.

Oprah talks to Maya Angelou about a specific dating relationship connection that went sour. Oprah takes responsibility for it, but says that she would wait by the window wondering if the guy was going to show up. She’d stare at her phone hoping he would call. This was before cell phones and call waiting, so she wouldn’t get on the phone in case he would call while she was on the phone and get a busy signal. She wouldn’t leave the house or take out the garbage on the weekends in case he would call. She wouldn’t run the bath water because it might drown out the ringing of the phone if he suddenly calls. Oprah is waiting and waiting and waiting – and of course he doesn’t call.

Oprah explained, “When you look at that process of waiting on somebody who told you they were going to do something, and told you they were going to be there for you, and they were not. They are showing you in that moment exactly who they are. That means it’s someone who cannot be trusted, so why would you the next time trust that person?”

When Oprah was telling Maya Angelou this back when it was happening decades ago, Maya said, “My dear, when people show you who they are, why don’t you believe them? Why must you be shown 29 times before you can see who they really are? Why can’t you get it the first time?”

Maya Angelou is a Wise One and Warrior of Light who has wrote dozens of books including seven autobiographies. Back in the day, countries like the U.S. attempted to ban her books without success. She wrote one of the great classics, “I know why the caged bird sings”. That was an autobiography about her life up until about seventeen.






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