Mars Direct. Mars moves Direct after five months of conflict and challenges.

The planet Mars is finally prepping to go direct in the Heavens above us now.  This is after being in the retrograde cycle since March and in the pre-shadow cycle since December. How has your life been since the holidays in December? What has transpired since then that has been challenging for you? What did you learn from it? What did you discover? Was it pleasant or unpleasant?

The Mars Retrograde has caused issues in interpersonal relationships and work related endeavors specifically for so many since December. I was telling a friend of mine recently that Mars going retrograde really has no true benefit, but unfortunately I can’t stop it from happening. He smiled and said, “No you can’t.” : )

When Mars goes Retrograde, money slips through fingers, it causes conflict with business overhead, career, jobs, work and all interpersonal relationships. Human souls display a higher level of irrational behavior during this cycle. Many act out of major ego, selfishness and self centeredness. It is all about me-me-me! This is at the detriment of those around you. Yes, it’s true that these traits exist in all of us to some degree, but the Mars Retrograde really brings this out in a restless and erratic way. If someone is not connected to something greater than this materialistic world, then this is unleashed in a myriad of horrible ways.

Just look at the weirdness in the media showcasing this from people like Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, acting out in a fit of violent rage. The Mars Retrograde will prompt one to say that everyone is in dire need of anger management classes. The Mars Retrograde cycle brings this stuff out. Angry frustrations, ultra sensitivity, and unhappiness abound during this transit. Now that Mars is about to go stationary direct, you can expect things to get better. Yes!

What can we expect this week? Let’s look at the cards as seen in this image attached to this posting. I’ve used two decks and pulled three cards I was asked to pull by my spirit team. They are looking at the planetary transits right now and applying that energy to all of you.

Look at this spread. I’m immediately seeing something common with this and I’ll tell you in a moment if you’re not eyeing it yet. The first three cards laying down flat in the photo are “Joy”, “What do you desire?” and “Perfect Timing”.

Things are finally going to be looking up now. This is for the first time in five months! With Mars moving forward this week, that anger and irritability and ever present ego is going to simmer down. There will be a flush of happiness coming over many of you. The timing is perfect to move forward with anything and everything that has seemed impossible to gain traction. Get focused now on what it is you want and go after it. After five months, you can finally do that without any ugly roadblocks.

BUT…yeah, I know there is always that but and however, you really have about a good week or so to get aligned with what you want, because we are also coming into the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde, which will actually benefit you in this case though. The Mercury Retrograde is going to prompt all to go back into time over the last four or five months and fix what damage you might have done or what someone else might have caused you. You no longer have the full power of the Mars Retrograde making you act out in pride, ego and selfishness. It will still be there until about July, but the worst of it is over. Breathe a sigh of release and relief.

Looking at the next three cards that are standing upright in the image I’ve provided: The Nine of Gabriel also known as the Nine of Wands in the Traditional Tarot, is saying that, yes you will feel overwhelmed with the changes coming up with the Mars direct motion and the Mercury Retrograde motion. You may feel overworked or exhausted, but keep going. You’re almost there! Just like that saying that says, “Don’t quit before the miracle comes!” You can’t sit back and drink beer waiting for these changes to happen, you gotta put in some effort. You might feel like throwing in the towel, but they’re saying to stay focused and keep going, rewards are coming forth for your efforts over the months past. This is evident here in the Sun card! Yes! Your hardwork is going to be paying off now in all areas of your life. A happier time is coming out of this.

The Epiphany card, also known as the “Hermit” in the traditional tarot follows “The Sun”. The message is that this year up until now has no doubt brought you additional wisdom and enlightenment over the events that had taken place in your life that threw you off your kilter. You’ll be wiser because of it. Don’t worry if you’re still confused, because this is what is coming up ahead in the next month or so. It is that realization and making your peace with it. Insights, introspection, and understanding the challenges you were faced with since January will come forth now.

What’s interesting in these last three cards that they showed me is: Look at all of the number 9’s across the board! Heavenly messages and guidance from the other side do come in symbols and signs as well as numbers. (9 of Gabriel, The Sun card is a 1(9), the Epiphany is a 9.) The 9’s are about overcoming previous challenges, the worst is over and that things will start to look up.

It was difficult, but in the next chapter you’re going to take that wisdom and use it to your advantage. You’ll apply it on your new path you’ll be heading down starting in July. The second half of the 2014 year is a new chapter. We are wrapping up this challenging chapter of the first half. Just a little more ways to go. Things will be lightening up a bit, but then we will be forced into introspection for the month of June. That introspection will be the detox! The 9’s show a culmination of all of the endings that have taken place from December-May. June is the realization of it all and seeing the Sun coming up in the distance. Welcome the good that is coming up ahead in the right spirit.

(Decks used “Daily Angel Guidance” and “Archangel Power Tarot”)

~  Kevin Hunter

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