Giving and Receiving Energy Equates to Masculine and Feminine Energy

All human souls have both masculine and feminine traits and energy within them. When you exude one trait over the other, then you create an imbalance that can eventually lead to complications. This is the same with giving and receiving gestures which are both masculine and feminine energy. This doesn’t have anything to do with what gender someone identifies themselves to be in this lifetime.

Masculine energy is about giving, action, security, protection. It’s putting outward energy into something. It can be promoting yourself and your work. It can be putting effort into a relationship. Feminine energy is about receiving, nurturing, caring. It’s being receptive. It is happily accepting praise, compliments or monetary payment for your work. It can be accepting gifts of any type graciously from spirit. It’s receiving love with joy from your significant other and showing compassion for them. Selfish and self-centered behavior isn’t masculine or feminine at all, but ego and lower self. If there is too much of either a masculine or feminine energy trait in someone, then the scales tip.

Keys to successful relationships sustaining the distance beyond basic attraction, compatibility and values are balancing these giving and receiving energies. A successful couple is happiest when they exude both masculine and feminine traits. This is regardless of the genders involved in that relationship.

If you have two partners who are both‘yang’ energy or both a ‘yin’ energy, then issues can arise. It helps when one partner is more ‘yang’ (masculine) and one is more ‘yin’ (feminine), yet at the same time both people know how to incorporate an efficient amount of masculine and feminine traits. This applies to all couples whether they identify with being straight or gay. Everyone has these masculine/feminine traits within them and they are perfectly balanced when you are born. Once society, your peers and communities get a hold of you, then they can cause future issues within you that can be difficult to reverse. This is through human tampering insisting on how you must be influenced and raised. This luckily changes when your soul leaves the Earth plane and crosses over. Who you truly are as a soul is restored.

This is why it’s important to be focused as much as possible now, and not fall into the trap of believing what society and your peers say. Don’t be influenced by gossip and negativity. Just because a large percentage of people follow and believe something needs to be a certain way, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

~  Kevin Hunter

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