Connecting with the Archangels. Archangel Raziel.

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Archangel Raziel has a Merlin type wizard appearance with large gorgeous wings that shine a varying degree of brightly colored lights. He is the magician and sorcerer angel since he helps you manifest your dreams. He works with you by guiding you in steps towards making these dreams come true. He pushes and prompts you towards that goal by dropping hints and opening doors you thought were long closed. He will reveal the wonders on your path that will help you turn your dreams into a reality. He infuses electrical rainbow colored lights from his hands, which he places over your crown chakra to clear and open up your spiritual sight if it has become muddy or weighted down. This opens up your clairvoyance channel so your dreams become clearer. The next step for you to take is revealed in these visions.ArchangelRaziel is immensely superb in working with if you are doing intuitive and spiritual work. He will bring all of that effort into fruition. He downloads guidance into your dreams, which contain the answers to assist you in manifesting your desires. He carries a book of magic, which contains the universes secrets that he will pour into your soul.Raziel has passed this information onto Adam after he and Eve were expelled from Eden. He gave it to Noah so he could build hisark. Enoch received the book’s messages before his ascension and transformation into ArchangelMetatron. He can help you take a leap of faith in your life if you ask him to work with you. When you areclairvoyantly seeingrainbow colored lights you can be sure ArchangelRaziel is in your vicinity.Like a magician and like magic,Raziel can help you turn your dreams into a reality. Envision with him what it is that you want to see happen in your life and then stepout of the way so he can get to work on it. Call on ArchangelRaziel to assist you in opening up your clairvoyance and spiritual gifts. These gifts contain the answers to bring your manifestations to flight and reality.

Excerpt from “Connecting with the Archangels” by Kevin Hunter

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~  Kevin Hunter

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