Does Everyone Belong to an Earth Angel Realm?

Does Everyone Belong to an Earth Angel Realm?

This is a big question that inquiring minds would like to know.  There are souls who come from various realms such as Incarnated Angels, Incarnated Elementals, Wise Ones and Star Persons.

Did everyone here on Earth come from an Earth Angel Realm?  The answer is, no, not all human souls come from a specific realm.   This would be impossible.  Those from an Earth Angel Realm know their heritage without a doubt.   They were called to come to service on this planet because Earth is in a huge state of disarray.  This is due to the tampering’s of out of control ego’s and abuse of power.

I have been communicating with Heaven since I was born and relaying accurate guidance since I was a child through a sense of ‘knowing’ and ‘hearing’ my team communicating with me on a daily basis.

What my Spirit team has told me is that not all human souls come from an Earth Angel Realm.  Some are brand new souls who start out on Earth first to have an Earthly run. They are typically the ones causing the most destruction. They’re baby souls and innocent, yet they have been brought up, raised and developed by souls who allow their lower selves and ego to run the show. They raise these souls this way and those souls take what they’ve learned to put it out there and so forth. What they’ve learned can often be things like hate, judgment, harm. Yet they believe they are doing right.  This has caused issues on the planet. Therefore, many souls from the various realms come here to temper this energy. One soul cannot do it alone. This is why there are so many of us out there contributing what we can in various ways to balance out this darkness. Those from a specific realm all have one thing in common, and that is that they are “aware” there is a problem. They are also “self aware”. In addition, they have an unstoppable desire from within to correct it in some way. For some it can be simply to spread love and compassion, for others it may be to teach or instill rules of etiquette, for others it can be to save or clean up certain areas that need attention on Earth, such as the oceans, mountains, deserts etc.

Every soul is here for the purpose of love. Some are here to learn to love, others are here to teach it. In the end it’s all about love.  All roads lead to this realization.  My team has told me that not all human souls are Earth Angels or from an Earth Angel Realm.  Everyone does have a life purpose and mission though, but it is up to them to come to terms with what that is.  Some may go through an entire Earthly life run and not come to this knowledge.

Mediums have been conducting successful and accurate connections from the other side for centuries.  They have been doing this by relaying prophetic messages about what’s to come as well as messages from Departed Loved Ones.  These messages and guidance would later prove true or be backed up by the person the message is being relayed to.  With that in mind, it is safe to say that they would also be relaying accurate messages surrounding the nature of the Earth Angel Realms.  The Spirit World has relayed very little messages if any surrounding the various Realms to Mediums and Channels of light.

There are also blended realms being brought to light with the belief that there are many other realms currently undiscovered.  The blended realms includes Mystic Angels, Incarnated Cherubs, Aladdin Genie’s, Knights Palladins,  Galactic Knights, Atlanteans, Merpeople, Leprechauns, Mystic Stars, and Cosmic Angels.  I know it might feel overwhelming, but there are a great many worlds out there that are not completely known or understood.

~  Kevin Hunter

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