Reaching for the Warrior Within. Gaining Strength by Following the Guidance of Spirit

As a clairaudient, I hear the voice of spirit, my guides and angels, everyday, all day long. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. I’ve never thought anything of it. Never knew there were words attributed to it. I didn’t call them anything like angels or guides or any of that. They were just a team of people’s voices that spoke to me everyday. Guiding me. Telling me to avoid something or go after something. Warning me of something. Telling me about someone. Sometimes I would listen to them and do what they said. Other times I more or less ignored them and did what I wanted to do. This was more so as a rebellious cigarette smoking teenager who had a mouth like a truck driver and sailer. Every other word out of my mouth in a sentence was the ‘f’ word or some other beautiful curse word. I still have a colorful palette, but it’s not as bad as when I was a teenager and in my 20’s.

I had and have conversations with my Spirit team like you do with anybody. Sometimes they take turns speaking, other times, some of them will speak in succession like a chorus might sound. When I was as young as seven, I did know for sure they were in the spirit world. That was always clear to me just through a sense of ‘knowing’. I didn’t refer to them as being on other side or heaven, but I knew they were in a place that I would be going back to. That’s always been clear. They were actually the only ones who made me feel safe when I was growing up to be honest. Didn’t know that it was considered not normal to ‘hear voices’ by some. I thought everyone could hear their own team.

I was born with a heightened ‘hearing’ sense beyond the physical world. This is in an ear that is partially deaf. As I grew into my teens and early 20’s, I learned what was dimming their voices, such as when I would drink myself into a stupor or blackout. Or during my drug days. They would sometimes shout warnings through the thud, and I’d hear them with a smirk and ignore it. I’d do what I please. Luckily, my rebelliousness wasn’t full time. It did move into something immeasurably powerful and into a warrior of light. This happened as I quickly pulled myself up by my bootstraps by the time I was around twenty-three and twenty-four years old. I do talk a lot about this process and the crucial major transition in my book, “Reaching for the Warrior Within“.

Reaching for the Warrior Within

Reaching for the Warrior Within
 is the author’s personal story recounting a volatile childhood. This led him to a path of addictions, anxiety and overindulgence in alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and destructive relationships. As a survival mechanism he split into many different selves. He credits turning his life around, not by therapy, but by simultaneously paying attention to the messages he has been receiving from his Spirit team in Heaven since birth. He explains how he was able to distinctly tell the difference between when his higher self was intervening and ruling the show, and when his lower self was running his life into the gutter.

Living several lifetimes in one, he did not let anything stop him from getting his life together, going after what he wanted and achieving it. He describes how he pulled himself up by his bootstraps and obtained every job he wanted without prior experience. This is from work in the entertainment industry with some of Hollywood’s respected talent, to ridding himself of toxic addictions and living a healthier lifestyle clear-minded.

Kevin Hunter gains strength, healing and direction with the help of his own team of guides and angels. They navigate all of us through the treacherous waters in our lives. Living vicariously through this inspiring story will enable you to distinguish when you have been assisted on your own life path. Reaching for the Warrior Withinattests that anyone can change if they pay attention to their own inner guidance system and take action. This can be from being a victim of child abuse, or a drug and alcohol user, to going after the jobs and relationships you want. This powerful story is for those seeking motivation to change, alter and empower their life one day at a time.”

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Learn how to connect with your own Spirit team in Heaven by fine tuning your body and soul.


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