The Solar Eclipse New Moon is a great time to manifest so watch your thoughts

We’re moving into the Solar Eclipse transit, which is a heightened New Moon. We had the Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago. A Lunar Eclipse is a heightened Full Moon. The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon brings up a lot of stuff buried underneath. Secrets. Anything hidden. Uncomfortable changes, moods, shifts, depression.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon, however, is the opposite of that. It’s a great time to manifest, manifest, manifest! So watch your thoughts! Because they do indeed form what is to come to you. The Solar Eclipse New Moon is about envisioning what you want and holding that in your mind. You can even journal or email yourself a list of your blessings, gifts, wishes. Keep your world optimistic and upbeat – especially now. This is a magical time.

This transit is moving through the sign of Taurus which brings about a focus on material items, circumstances that ground you, security-whether that be finances, work or even love relationships. It’s all about the long term with the Taurus. They are the builders who move at their own steady and slow pace.

New Moon’s are a time of new beginnings. I always recommend starting something new during a New Moon phase because it has a greater chance of lasting. The Solar Eclipse gives the New Moon triple power, so that’s why this is an especially important period. Use this energy to your advantage and seize whatever it is you want! Now is the time.


~  Kevin Hunter

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