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Archangel Nathaniel is the next Archangel I’m featuring on the Connecting with the Archangels journey. He is the life purpose Archangel. He is enormously passionate, intense and fiery. There is a lot of heat and red around him when he shows up in your vicinity. He is an assertive, no-nonsense bulldozer. He slaps circumstances, people and lower selves out of the way without so much as a warning.

Archangel Nathaniel can seem brutal in the way that he works. He pushes you beyond comprehensible measures to the point where the changes and shifts can feel overwhelming and difficult. It is not cruel, but for some new to working with him it might come off like that. The reason is due to the drastic and abrupt changes he enforces in someone’s life. Things such as people who you are attached to are suddenly pushed away from you, your job is taken away, your love partner walks away suddenly. Archangel Nathaniel is clearing your path of anything or anyone that he feels is preventing you from conquering your life purpose. The people he is extricating out of your life might be toxic on some level and hold no positive function for you. All they contribute to your life is delaying you from your purpose, while leading you down the wrong path. You may not immediately see how they are wrong for you, but in hindsight once the beautiful changes happen for you, it becomes all too clear.

When you invite Archangel Nathaniel in, he clears the decks on the ship that is your life. People will go away, situations will go away and things that do not serve your life purpose will fade away. Suddenly certain people you were once close to will stop calling. You might wonder, “Hmm did I do something?” No. Archangel Nathaniel is removing them whether you like it or not. If he feels they are not in line with your purpose and the higher path you are headed down, then he removes them. He does not apologize for his actions at all. This can make him come off quite harsh and forceful in the way that he works. Know that he is all good and that he is simply direct in his approach. He pulls your entire world down so that a stronger world can be built around you.

In a sense, it is much like the planet Pluto energy to a degree where the Pluto energy tends to wipe the slate clean. This forces you to make drastic changes in your life. Pluto can have an influence on you suddenly losing your job or some other devastation. He is also like the “Tower” card in the Tarot. This typically points to a structure crumbling down in your life. The structure has to be yanked down abruptly so that you can have it rebuilt with positive improvements.

The reason becomes clearer afterwards when you obtain an even better job where you are much happier. Or you come into contact with someone who is more aligned with your relationship values, etc.

Excerpt from “Connecting with the Archangels” by Kevin Hunter

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~  Kevin Hunter

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