Avoid those who are constant complainers, energy drainers and who swim in a sea of negativity

“The Thought Fool” is from the “Fool’s Wisdom” deck

What words are advised for you this weekend? The message they’re giving me with this card is about taking others into account. Although initially this says, “Always think before you act”, almost like stopping to pause before you leap. In this case it’s about being thoughtful to others around you. We spend so much of our day thinking of ourselves and what we don’t have, what we have, what others are doing to us, what others are not doing for us. How about what we are doing for and with them? Most weekends are spent running around trying to get things done you were unable to during the week. This is especially the case if you’re one of the millions of people who work full time Monday thru Friday. Granted you should never shirk your responsibilities, but there does reach a point where friend time needs to enter the equation. Use this weekend to mix your energy with others. Aim for high vibrational people and those who know how to have a good time. Avoid those who are constant complainers, energy drainers and who swim in a sea of negativity. Thinking of others can include doing something nice for someone who could use it. This does not have to be in the way of monetary giving, but something that uplifts someone else like giving them a compliment that boosts their morale. Blocks are formed when you are too guarded and restricting not allowing anyone in. Believe me I understand this all too well being someone who is difficult to know and cautious when anyone is approaching me. When you let your guard down with someone who is trusting, then your soul feels lighter and more open. This open and joyful state is where positive manifestation is formed and bred.

~  Kevin Hunter


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