Earth Day, like Valentine’s Day, should be observed everyday. No more special days created by human ego. Saint Nathaniel.

What Saint Nathaniel and his team of disciples have told me about Earth Day:

“Some of you call today “Earth Day”. This is a hilarious day, but we get the reason that human souls have created it. Just like “Valentine’s Day”, it’s a day for you to stop and remember what is important. Today what is important is this planet you live on. This planet is one that human souls have destroyed and wreaked unforgiveable havoc on for centuries and continue to do so at an accelerated rate. It’s a like a bunch of Children in a room full of toys and tantrums who do not play fair. Of course we knew this would be the case at the conception of Earth. There needed to be a place where we could send these new souls knowing it would be like throwing Children into a playground to play.

Earth is a place God created where souls are sent for learning, teaching, growth or to simply have a first life run as a human soul. It’s easy to tell who is on Earth for the first time as those are the ones who use the most amount of ego. They are naïve and innocent in their actions yes, as the angels say, but they will not get away with it for free. A debt must be paid back from their actions and it will. They are the ones that harm, hurt and hate with no care in the world. They are the reason you needed to set up a day called “Earth Day”. Yet, the irony is they do not care. Therefore the day is simply for you to stop, celebrate and remember. The environmentalist workers do not have a problem remembering what is important, because they remember everyday.

Earth day is an event that takes place once a year for environmentalist workers of the light to celebrate their love of the planet. The reason there is a problem with it like “Valentine’s Day’ is the idea that a day needs to be created for others to stop and take pause. Unfortunately, the world you created prompts many to work, worry and stress while paying no attention to anything else except your mundane trivial matters that have no real reality as you will soon come to know it.

Earth Day, like Valentine’s Day, should be observed everyday. No more special days created by human ego as they serve no purpose. The day comes and goes like any other and you’re back to the grind you created. There is other life in other galaxies in the Earth’s dimension, but human souls will never find it as it was designed that way. If they get their hands on it with their greed, they will destroy it the way they are destroying much of the Earth’s habitat and each other. They are not allowed anywhere near these galaxies for this reason. Earth is like kindergarten for new souls who are luckily surrounded by advanced and accelerated teacher souls from various realms on the other side.

~  Kevin Hunter

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