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The next Archangel I’m featuring is my agent, Archangel Gabriel. Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel who works closely with writers, teachers and speakers of all kinds. Archangel Gabriel is front and center with me. She guides me as a teacher, communicator, writer and messenger in this lifetime.

Archangel Gabriel is there if you need a push in speaking your truth, even if others disagree. This truth is not in anyway used to hurt others vindictively, but to spread positive messages that assist and guide.

Archangel Gabriel is the mother of all mothers’ next to Mother Mary. She is there for all children, protecting and taking care of them. She will step in and assist someone with conceiving or in adopting a child if they ask. If you are having issues or discord with your own child, then ask Archangel Gabriel for intervention and help. She can assist you in creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere to raise your child.

When I decided to make a full commitment with my writing work and career, I called in this magnificent Archangel to sit by my side on a regular basis. I write as an outlet for creative expression, to help others, for the sake of release and because I love telling stories. Archangel Gabriel pushes me to sit down and write. When I am procrastinating and avoiding getting to work, she swoops in and motivates me.

I talk about Archangel Gabriel as if she is female. I know there have been books and others who have referred to the Archangel Gabriel as male. The Archangels are genderless and have no anatomy, however due to the nature of some of their specialties they tend to have more of a masculine or feminine quality to them. Archangel Michael displays typical masculine qualities so he appears how one might define male dominated traits to be. Gabriel exudes more nurturing and creative qualities, which are more aligned with feminine traits. If you are accustomed to associating Archangel Gabriel as male, then this is how he/she will appear to you. Gabriel is a name that is interchangeable where it can be a boy or a girl. The genders of anyone in the end do not matter. What does matter is your light and how you allow it to shine. As it stands now, the church has confirmed that they see the angels as I see them. They know them to be genderless and pure spirit and light.

Archangel Gabriel has been mentioned throughout various religious and holy texts. It has been reported that she announced to Mother Mary of the impending birth of Jesus.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel if you are afraid or hesitant to speaking up and owning your life. If you are in the creative arts such as acting, singing, painting, photography or writing, then you will want Archangel Gabriel to be the overseer and manager of your talents. Ask her to open doors of opportunity for you in the realm of your gifts. If you are a struggling actor, she may guide you to a class or film festival where someone important hires you. Or you might gain additional wisdom to which you can apply towards your craft.

If you are a photographer, then ask her to assist you with starting up your own successful studio. Whenever you are lacking in motivation in any area of your life, then Archangel Gabriel can help with this. Anything having to do with Children you will want Archangel Gabriel around for guidance and assistance. She is often seen carrying a copper colored trumpet that is so bright that the light around her is a magnificent copper and gold color. Visualize Archangel Gabriel showering this light over all of your creative pursuits and your Children. Prepare yourself for the grand miracles that Archangel Gabriel produces.

As also written in the Doreen Virtue book, “The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel”:

“As this next story illustrates, Gabriel can also help you change the genre of writing you engage in.

Kevin Hunter has worked in the film business since 1996. He knew that he’d eventually write his own books, because of his passion for writing. So he began calling upon Archangel Gabriel to help with his writing career, and has come to do so daily. As a result, ideas for writing pour into him, and he’s enthusiastic and motivated to write. Kevin said, ‘The ideas are overflowing in me and haven’t stopped. My writing continues to improve, and I owe it to Archangel Gabriel for being my own personal author’s agent.’

Kevin is correct in that Archangel Gabriel does function like a modern-day literary agent, who motivates writers to complete their books and articles and make their deadlines.”

Excerpt from “Connecting with the Archangels” by Kevin Hunter

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~  Kevin Hunter

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