Lunar Eclipse prompts changes with relationships and partnerships

The powerful Lunar Eclipse coming up on Tuesday the 15th is going to bring about important changes to many depending on each individual. The changes can be something great or not so great, but either way it will be an important change where all will be better than before in the end regardless of the nature of this change.

The Lunar Eclipse will be in the balancing sign of Libra and in the 7th House of relationships and partnerships. This will affect connections in either a positive or negative way.

The Lunar Eclipse brings on the ending of a circumstance and the beginning of something new. For example, I’ll be moving back to the beach and bringing my three year Hollywood terrain to a close in the next month. How does this relate to partnerships? Business falls into the realm of partnerships. You need to sign a contract “merger” with someone else to obtain the place you are moving to regardless of it being a rental or sale.

The Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday the 15th, will bring about closure or an ending to something. Think about what is coming to a close in your life or has come to a close. While the Solar Eclipse on Tuesday the 29th will set the tone for this new change moving forward. There is that two week transition as you merge into this new change.

A Lunar Eclipse is a very powerful Full Moon (endings/releasing)
A Solar Eclipse is a very powerful New Moon (new beginnings)

Prepare to make that leap of change. Transformations are positive and life changing. It’s like the caterpillar changing into the butterfly and freed from it’s prison on the ground. It soars out of its protective skin to greater heights. Happiness and contentment comes with change even if the change is unwanted initially. All is always well in the end.

~  Kevin Hunter

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