There is a ton of heavy stresses pushing them to the point where they are experiencing burn out or break downs.

According to the abundant amount of notes I’ve been receiving over the last couple of weeks, many are going through the same struggle. It’s as if everything is going wrong in their lives with one crippling thing after another, or they are on perpetual overload with work, relationships or even their own thoughts.

There is a ton of heavy stresses pushing them to the point where they are experiencing burn out or break downs. I’ve had some protest crying, tears or having a short fuse. This is a clear sign to take a step back and not push against the current resistance. This resistance is largely due to the Mars Retrograde transit which started up in March and continues until May. The Mars Retrograde transit makes it very difficult to push forward or juggle anything, no matter how desperately you want to. It’s like hiking up an endless hill in 100 degree heat. Take it one day at a time and don’t focus on accomplishing too much at once. Try and not stress out over the roadblocks in your way, since that won’t do you any good. Nothing is going to stay as it is. It will change, but just not as quick as you would like it.

Mars in Retrograde makes others agitated, irritated and angry over nothing at all. It brings anger to the surface. This is confirmed by the frustrations I’m hearing in others in their own lives this month. This too shall pass.

There is a divine order in the way circumstances evolve or present themselves to you. Just because you want something today and are ready for it, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen today. There are reasons for anything that ends or begins such as a new job, relationship or a move to a new residence.

For me to say that they’re urging that everyone be patient, have faith and trust might seem trite and unhelpful. However, this is what they’re telling me at this time surrounding all of these outbursts, frustrations and stresses. They see everyone wiggling around with anger and they’re as calm as a hindu cow unaffected. There isn’t anything more you can do except take each day as it comes. Accept the things that you have no control over. Let things go if it’s causing you perpetual unhappiness. This includes letting others go who you know will not change.

Tenderness is the card revealed today. Treat yourself, your body and your entire world with the utmost care. This is a period of heightened sensitivity and causing others to be hyper reactive to current situations. Be gentle with YOU.

~  Kevin Hunter

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