Connecting with the Archangels. The Archangels are powerful benevolent beings of God present to assist you

Connecting with the Archangels ~ The mini-book available in Paperback and Kindle.

We are days into Spring as the seeds we’ve planted in the last six months begin to show some form of life at this time. I plan on using the next seventeen weeks to showcase one of the sixteen Archangels featured in my mini-book, “Connecting with the Archangels”. If you have the books, “Warrior of Light” and “Empowering Spirit Wisdom”, then you have all of the updated content. If I do my best to get it up once a week, then when we’re done, we’ll be knee deep in Summer depending on where you are on the globe. I realize I have followers from all over now. You are all loved and welcome here.

The Archangels are powerful, benevolent beings of God that are present to assist you along the right path. They are the managers of the angels and are non-denominational which means they do not belong to any religious establishment. It does not matter who you are or what your beliefs are. Like God, they are available to anyone who asks for their help.

The Archangels are gifts from God to help you experience love, joy and peace in your life. In order for one to hear and communicate with God you must be completely at peace. You must be feeling and exuding joy, love and compassion. You have to be living in your higher self. You need to be in this state and stripped of your ego.

God wants to communicate with you, but you do not hear God unless you are in that state of higher consciousness. This also means that those who condemn, criticize and harm others are not communicating with God. They are instead operating from their lower self and ego. You cannot communicate with God in a state full of blocks.

The Archangels are God’s gifts to help you reach that place where you are fully able to communicate with Him. The Archangels are his messengers who deliver God’s messages and personal guidance to you. Everything the Archangels communicate are God’s word. They raise your vibration so that you can indeed hear and communicate with God Himself. Although God is always communicating with you, you are not listening if you are experiencing negative feelings such as anger, stress, hate or even sadness and depression. This is why the Archangels and angels come in to lift those unnecessary emotions. They assist you in diminishing your negative ways of thinking.

Calling upon God, any Archangel, Angel or Spirit Guide can be done at any time and anywhere. They are all powerful and unlimited which means that they can be with anyone and everyone simultaneously. The Archangels each have specialties that they can assist you with on your journey. They are magnificent Lights and like God, they know your thoughts, feelings and desires. They show up before you have finished your sentence! You do need to ask for them in order to help you since they cannot interfere with your free will. This is God’s law. The only exception is if there is a life threatening moment taking place that may result in your premature death.

There is no greater feeling of freedom than connecting with Spirit. You can do this anywhere, but in nature or peaceful locale is ideal. Only then do you experience the weight of your burdens and worries being lifted off your soul. You realize that nothing else matters. All of the restrictions that the human ego forces upon other human souls are not real. They are a product of the lower self, which is born out of fear.

Each week, starting next week, I will post a brief blurb on sixteen of the more popular Archangels which are featured in some of my books. You will discover what their roles and specialties are while we give each of them some screen time.

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~  Kevin Hunter

Learn how to connect with your own Spirit team in Heaven by fine tuning your body and soul.

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