The High Priestess and Archangel Haniel ask you to dig deeper for the answers

This is not just a message for this weekend, but this has been a recurring message I’ve been receiving for the month of March. I’ve only now decided to share it publicly due to its instance of wanting to come to the forefront. “The High Priestess” card points to major changes taking place from within. Pay especially close attention to your thoughts and feelings now and over this past month. What has been repetitive and been pushed to the forefront are the major areas in your life where change is about to happen.

The High Priestess is about the unknown. It is that the answers you’re looking for are there, but shrouded in mystery. They are buried deep and it takes great practice and discipline to uncover these answers and messages. You must be still and in a vast meditative state to uncover it. This is a material world that glides comfortably in superficiality while rarely diving down into the depths of one’s subconscious where the true heavenly messages reside. This can be in your day to day lives or globally with circumstances such as this alleged “disappearance” of the Malaysian jet that has been plaguing the news for two weeks now. Of course the jet did not disappear into the unknown, but the answers as to where it is are deeply buried within human consciousness. The problem is this is a world that governs at the hands of human ego which is flawed beyond comprehension. Accessing this missing information requires being still and connecting with ones intuition. Running around on a wild goose chase from here to there to everywhere is a waste of time. It will not help you now. This is evident with the news of this missing airliner where the media is basically telling the public nothing that has any validity. It is all noise plastered to feed ones lower self. The airplane is right under their noses buried deep at the bottom of the ocean where they originally searched.

This same concept applies to the messages of the High Priestess card and your current daily lives. Whatever it is that has been plaguing you since the start of 2014, now is the time to begin tuning into the answers that can assist. Archangel Haniel’s wardrobe turns into downward rushing water. Water represents feelings and emotions. It is where the only true accurate answers exist. The answers needed at this time especially do not exist on the surface. The New Moon in the background in the skies are showcasing new beginnings up ahead. Haniel’s arms are outstretched symbolizing the individual power you must access and utilize. It is opening yourself up to the new changes taking form, while releasing the old once and for all. It is being open minded and receptive rather than closed off. The High Priestess is awakening your deep, deep psychic gifts in order to know what is about to happen and what action steps you must take next.

~  Kevin Hunter

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