Mars Retrograde in Libra thrives to find balance with little success

Chaos continues where interpersonal connections and needs reside. We’ve been assaulted with several planetary retrogrades in 2014 and it is still going on:

Venus Retrograde -> December 2013-January 2014
Mercury Retrograde -> February 2014
Mars Retrograde -> March 2014-May 2014
Mercury Retrograde -> June 2014

Mars is the current interpersonal planet moving retrograde until about May 19th. It’ll be July by the time it’s out of the zone. The first half of this year has been wrought with one roadblock after another. The second half of this year will be much better than the first half.

I know we just had a Mercury Retrograde, but Mercury moves retrograde three times a year. As Mars begins to move direct at the end of May, Mercury preps to move retrograde again on June 7th and for the entire month of June.

The Venus Retrograde last November through February has prompted many to evaluate their current relationships and whether they needed to be disbanded temporarily or permanently.

In February, the Mercury Retrograde caused delays in communication and moving forward with anything. Any decisions made in January and February specifically may come back to haunt between now and June.

Currently, Mars is Retrograde causing many to act selfishly and erratically. It causes one to be self-centered, self-absorbed and stubborn. It prompts irrational emotions to flare up over every little thing. Resentments build up during a Mars Retrograde causing an explosion. It may even brew and simmer underneath before you lose it when Mars moves forward in May.

Mars is an action oriented planet. It is where you get your drive, ambition and persistence. It is how you react emotionally to circumstances. This drive is met with roadblocks during a Mars Retrograde. Mars is also moving through the sign of Libra where it does not do well at all. It makes one indecisive, wanting one thing today only to change your mind and want something else tomorrow. Basically, you’re all over the place living in a land of confusion, just like the Genesis song.

In July, we can finally rejoice for the first time in 2014. This has been a year of evaluating all parts of our interpersonal lives. What kind of relationships you want to have with friends or lovers, where you want to move or what kind of career you want. It’s all affected! The second half of the year should be calmer leaving you more content to accept the changes that have happened in your life currently.

~  Kevin Hunter

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