Where is Malaysian Airlines Flight 370? It did not go down into the southern part of the Indian Ocean. Psychic Interpretation.

It seems they’ve been looking everywhere for this plane in a panic the way one looks for their car keys as they’re running late.  It’s all over the place.  As I stated the day after it was reported missing, the reason they can’t find it is because they keep looking in the area around where they lost contact.  That’s not where it went down.  It lost contact, but continued to fly for awhile.  It went down further away from that point.   The latest seems to be that they’ve detected that the plane made a detour.  I don’t show this despite instruments saying otherwise.

Some stand by that it was some spiritual phenomenon.  As much as I’d love to say that’s what happened, this is not the case.  The plane went down.  They didn’t get there in time to find it.  It’s scattered at the bottom of the deep ocean outside of Vietnam in the South China Sea.  No hijackers and no twilight zone activity.  People love a good mystery and when a plane ‘vanishes’, it feels fun to equate it with the idea that a big spiritual vortex chose to pull it through.  Although a soul can move through the vortex, a man made plane cannot.  The plane did not vanish, it went down.

The Transponder malfunctioned.  Heaven is showing me some electrical magnetic frequency issues.  Look in the ocean around Vietnam and South China Sea as well as the Gulf of Thailand.  It’s right under your nose at the bottom of the ocean floor in that area.

Can’t control the plane.  Seems to descend slowly, glide, difficult to stay up, almost like a struggle.  Technical and mechanical failure in the early morning hours.  See land in the distance on the left.  Hovering over the ocean before  malfunction.

There is a ton of speculation, theories and psychic insights on where Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is.   Everyone is doing the best they can in attempting to figure out where it is.

UPDATE:  Malaysian Airlines announces the plane went into the southern part of the Indian Ocean.  Malaysian Airlines did not crash into the Indian Ocean. They are delivering misinformation at the expense of others.  The plane did go into the ocean, but it is not where they say it is.  Unfortunate situation for all personally affected.

I seriously hope that no one is buying this.  The plane did not crash in the southern Indian ocean. The prime minister is saying that so they can slow down the search and move on to other things. Suspicious objects does not mean there’s a plane there.  They still don’t know where it is or what happened.  This is embarrassing.

~  Kevin Hunter


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