This Full Moon weekend is a time of magic and manifestation. Keep your thoughts positive!

It’s the Full Moon weekend on this mid-month in March. 2014 is soaring rather quickly. The Magician card came up for all. Great weekend to manifest! We’re still transiting with the Pisces Sun which is where dreams are born. Dream big as this weekend’s energy is almost effortless in the way that what you want comes to fruition. Think of this weekend as the start of something awesome. Whatever you’ve been wishing and hoping for, put those dreams out into the universe for transmutation. You have the power to draw positive energy from the Full Moon and manifest your desires. You do this by elevating your thoughts into optimism. This requires focus and concentration and believing without a doubt that you will get it. Absolutely nothing will get in your way. This is how positive manifestation occurs. It doesn’t happens when you are harboring negative feelings, resentments and attitudes. Clear away the cobwebs within and around you. Release anyone or anything that you know has been holding you back or leaving you feeling stuck. Take some time over the course of this weekend and into next week to align your thoughts with what you want. Notice the many synchronicities that follow in the coming months after this particular Full Moon.

~  Kevin Hunter

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