Mercury Direct and Mars Retrograde. Move Forward and Sow the Seeds to New Beginnings.

Mercury slows down to a crawl in the Heavens, as it preps to move direct at the end of the day Friday.  You’ve likely felt the effects over the last three weeks. Communications have been stalled, car issues, technical problems, constant frustrating delays with everything around you and internet glitches. These are just a handful of irritants that have likely risen this month with you. Luckily, things will be moving forward in that respect as we move into March.

This has been a trying few months since we’ve had a lot of interpersonal retrograde activity going on since the end of November. When this happens, many are prompted to go back and re-evaluate all aspects of their lives. Re-do, re-think and revise are some of the action steps you’ve hopefully been partaking in.

Relationships crumbled in January specifically with Venus shattering unstable connections. February has forced others to pause and take a step back. Look at the bigger picture. What are you missing? Very little has been moving forward this month. No one should have been making any major decisions over the last couple of months anyway. Things will finally lighten up as we move into March and the brevity of any impulsive decision making prior could come back to haunt you. You made need to go back to the drawing board or make amends.

There will be some testy waters up ahead since were not quite out of the woods just yet. Although love relationships can move forward and communication will be clearer, there will be some touchiness in the air and out of place aggression. Mars moves retrograde Saturday. The universe just cannot cut anyone a break. It is all for good reason. This past Winter has prompted many to take a deeper look into their lives. This includes evaluating what you want, what you would like to change, who works with you and who doesn’t. A spotlight has been shown on the areas in your life that need to be examined in order to modify it or disregard it altogether.

March will be a month of action, rebirth and new beginnings. Plant the seeds to the new life you want and need. What areas of your life do you need to change? Do not resist out of fear or out of procrastination. It is time to move forward and say, “Out with the old and in with the new”. This is perfect timing as the Spring season is around the corner and in many areas of the globe. Sow the seeds in March and watch it flourish as we head into Summer in June.

~  Kevin Hunter

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