Archangel Michael says revelations and truths come to the forefront this week

Are you jugging too much at once? Is one area of your life lopsided? Make sure you take periodic breaks if you’re attempting to balance more than you can handle. The flip side is if you’re not doing anything at all. In order to bring balance to your life add in some fun. The words they’ve given me are: Boredom, listening, mental focus, juggling. We’re at a crossroads this weekend in a month that has been mostly stagnant and filled with waiting and introspection. Communication continues to be hindered for another week so don’t take action on anything serious just yet. Instead use this time to allow the revealing of new insights on which direction or moves to take. These ideas can have to do with anything in your life such as work, love, living situation, etc. Revelations and truths come to the forefront. Attempting to push forward now with any of it could backfire so patience is required for another week. Archangel Michael stands on the tallest mountain peak here because anything is possible where ideas and insights are concerned.

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