Mercury Retrograde causing a disconnected pessimism in others

I’ve been picking up on some uncomfortable energies in others. It’s definitely not a happiness, but it’s not a terrible sadness either. There’s a disconnect with their energy that is a bit off. It’s nearly one person after the other I criss-cross with. It’s not necessarily anger or stress, but a kind of ‘blah’ with some slight pessimism lodged into their aura’s.

The card I pulled on everyone is the “Five of Earth (Pentacles)” The Earth/Pentacles suit in the Tarot tends to focus on the material, financial, career and things you can hold in your hand. The “Fives” in the Tarot tend to show challenges.

The Earth suit is a receiving energy and a Five of Pentacles can immediately point to a financial or material loss. In this particular case they’re telling me that its a loss of enthusiasm, a loss of positive energy. I realize this is right on time with Mercury preparing to go retrograde Thursday 2/6 for three weeks. Typically three to five days before Mercury moves retrograde, I start noticing the agitation and strange energy in others. It’s every single Mercury Retrograde cycle actually. Although this time I noticed it later than sooner. This might have to do with that we were just in the Venus Retrograde which strained and caused so many issues with relationship connections. Now that Venus has moved forward last weekend, it actually delayed the Mercury Retrograde shadow effects. They both sort of overlapped each other and cancelled one another out. Now the Mercury effects are starting to build.

The traditional image of a Five of Pentacles shows two figures out in the cold who are poor or crippled in some way moving past a lighted church. It’s a dark image showing abandonment, but the couple isn’t noticing the light in the church. I love this image of the Five of Earth in the “Angel Tarot” deck. Although it does convey some dreary darkness sprinkled throughout, you can see where the real riches are. The temple in the center is lit up in the background. Remain positive and avoid the tendency to over imagine the worst in any circumstance or scenario. There will be a tendency to do that since Mercury is moving retrograde in the watery sign of Pisces. Watch your thoughts and stay optimistic at this time.

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