Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Attracting in Love, Friendships and the Human Heart. Available in paperback and kindle.

Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14th. I observe Valentine’s Day everyday regardless, but the holiday serves as a reminder to those who do not exude enough love in their life. My book, “Soul Mates and Twin Flames” is available now just in time for the hearts and flowers holiday. This is my pocket love book with information passed down to me by own Spirit team as well as some input from the Romance Angels.

Most human souls desire companionship on some level. You crave someone to be by your side who understands and supports you. Someone who you champion and appreciate in return. For some, it might be a platonic friendship, for others it might be a sexual relationship with the same person throughout this lifetime. Your soul split into two souls at conception. This other half of you is your twin flame who you long for. They are a part of you, although not everyone connects with their twin flame in this lifetime. You move through this life feeling like there is something missing. In essence, you are searching for your twin flame. For most human souls, their twin flame is usually on the other side guiding you to healthy soul mate relationships for you on your Earthly journey.

One of the main reasons you are here is to love and to learn how to love. This is not just in intimate relationships, but with everyone you come into contact with.

My book is available now in paperback and kindle most everywhere books are sold. “Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Attracting in Love, Friendships and the Human Heart”.


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Learn how to connect with your own Spirit team in Heaven by fine tuning your body and soul.
All books are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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Empowering Spirit Wisdom: A Warrior of Light’s Guide on Love, Career and the Spirit World“ PaperbackKindle.

The content in the “Warrior of Light” and “Empowering Spirit Wisdom” is available in the Warrior of Light series of mini-books:

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