Relationships of all kinds have ended, slowed down, vanished, been heated or changed. #VenusDirect

The planet Venus is officially at a stand still in the Heavens switching directions and preparing to go direct as I type this. This has been one of the most challenging Venus Retrograde transits. I have had so many reaching out to me over the last month in a panic over their current relationships.

The Venus Retrograde has brought relationship issues to the forefront. This had been building towards the end of November and into December. By January, all bets were off and Venus unleashed fury by crumbling or causing strain to relationships. Relationships of all kinds have ended, slowed down, vanished, been heated or changed.

It should be understood that the planets do not cause problems or break people up. The planets do however affect the energy around particular circumstances. The planets are energy and we are all energy. Naturally the energy within you is being manipulated when a planet moves into a challenging aspect. A Venus Retrograde has the power to crumble a union, if the union needed to be rocked off its axis. Healthy, strong connections do not end during a retrograde. This means if a connection ended during the retrograde, the connection may have already been having issues, even if they were hidden.

This has been nearly two months of re-evaluating what it is you really desire in a relationship, friendship or any connection. If someone was not feeling like those values were met, then the connection was pried apart.

Although Venus is about to move forward today, it will still take a few days for her to gain momentum. This means relationships can still be tested for the next week. Those that broke up with someone during the retrograde may come back over the next six weeks protesting that they made a mistake. However, those that realized during the Venus retrograde that a specific connection is truly over, they may be ending it in the coming week or so. You are advised to wait until a planet moves direct before making major decisions such as breaking up with someone. Because a retrograde planet skews your reality.

Mercury is prepping to go retrograde in a week so this will cause some delays in those couples who reunite. Conversations and communications surrounding what went down may be misunderstood or not happen until March. Your asked to have patience in the outcome and know that the answers or what is to happen or not happen will be coming to fruition ‘very soon’.

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