Tons of interpersonal planets transiting the next few days. Moon, Venus and Mercury.

Today is the second New Moon of the month. It’s important to keep your thoughts positive everyday, but today it is even more beneficial. Whenever there is a New Moon, you are manifesting more than usual. This energy brings in whatever your thoughts are, so make sure they stay positive otherwise you will bring in more negativity.

Because this is the second New Moon this month, it is being called a “Black Moon”. It’s doubly powerful today. We won’t have a New Moon in February which is rare. Typically the New Moon happens once a month, just like a Full Moon.

Venus has almost completed its Retrograde cycle.  Tomorrow it will be stationary before it goes direct. Relationships for so many people have been put through the ringer over the past two months.  I had a friend call “Venus” the ‘bitch’.  This is actually not far off.  When Venus is retrograde, she indeed gets very nasty, as evident in the strained or crumbling relationships and friendships happening over the last two months.  When Venus moves forward, she is all about the love. When she is retrograde she seeks to end connections.  The truth about these connections and the direction they are meant to go in will be evident over the next month or two as Venus pushes forward this weekend.  Some couples who irrationally ended their connection during the retrograde may come back together realizing they acted in haste.  Usually the weaker act out during a retrograde since planets don’t break people up.  They do however direct particular energies that can prompt someone to act out.

Mercury is also in the shadow of its retrograde and moves completely retrograde February 6th.  Because of this, the February month is going to prompt others to go back over what they did during the Venus retrograde.

The worst is just about over after Friday when Venus moves direct, although do expect delays in immediate results or actions.  They will come about, but just more slowly than usual because of the two interpersonal planets in a retrograde cycle.  By March for sure, everyone will have a pretty good idea if they’re relationship that crumbled is indeed the end.  You never can be too sure during a Venus or Mercury Retrograde since it causes others to act impulsively and sometimes prematurely.

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