Time to Rest, Meditate, Release and Transform.

Let’s see what my Spirit team on the other side has to say for everyone for the weekend. Rest. Release. Meditation. Snake.

Having clairaudience, I can hear the voices of my guides speak to me as if they are standing next to me. This enables me to pull a card from four different decks and hearing them tell me when to stop. By following their instructions, they had me turn over four different cards that have relatively the same meaning from all of these decks. Two of them are on ‘releasing’ and the other two are on taking a ‘break’, being still, resting, etc.

 At this point, you likely know immediately what the advice is from my Guides and Angels for you all this weekend. This is about taking it easy. Do not do anything that is going to bring on unnecessary stress. Avoid crowded places like the mall or stores. If you have to go to the store, try and schedule it early enough to get it out of the way so that you have the maximum amount of time to yourself this weekend. Spend this weekend resting and releasing. Move within and focus on your inner world. Examine all areas of your life and look at what needs to be released. What do you need to let go of? Who do you need to extricate from your life? This is a great time to clear the cobwebs this weekend and release it upwards for transmutation.

This will prepare you for what some are calling the “Black Moon” this Thursday. A Black Moon is when there are two New Moon’s in the same month – which is rare. Partaking in recharging your batteries this weekend and releasing toxic addictions, habits, thought processes or people, you will be ready to harness these powerful energies of the second new moon this month, bringing you the increased magickal powers of success, good fortune, and spiritual empowerment. This is a wonderful Lunar Event!


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