It may seem like you are at odds with the world, when you are really fulfilling your mission.

This huge burst of shining light wanted to live in the trenches on Earth in order to make a difference for this planet as a whole. She never wavered from her quest, which was solely focused on reaching out to the poor, the hungry and the destitute. Her light was so bright to begin with that it gave them all hope. Tirelessly she forged on even when faced with doubts that God existed. As a human soul, she had at times forgot where she came from. Visiting those that are ignored by the world, she witnessed the conditions they lived in and couldn’t understand how God could abandon them and how He could not intervene and help them. She would only entertain this uncertainty once in awhile. When that happened, Jesus lifted her up each time she expressed reservations. This is understandable to feel like your fight is worthless. It may seem like you are at odds with the world, when you are really fulfilling your mission. Your own life is sometimes challenged in the process of your life purpose.

She crossed over and works as an Ascended Master on the other side once again. For those who tirelessly work on their life purpose in ways that help many people, or in charity, and who express doubts of God and wanting to stop, she visits you to lift those qualms off your body making you strong and whole again, so that you can forge on as a warrior of light. Known to human souls as Mother Teresa, she will strengthen you as she has come through for me from time to time. You can call on her to work with you when you feel like throwing in the towel and giving up on your quest. She radiates a light of love so magnificent it would take your breath away. Her work continues on the other side, as it always has, to help those in need. She does not fall into ego and instead adopts the mantra that all of Heaven lives in. Pure love and joy.

When Mother Teresa, also known as Agnes, came into an Earthly life, she immediately got to work and did not waste any time absorbing herself with triviality. She was on a mission that would carry on her entire life and beyond.

What have you done lately? Don’t forget who you are and why you are here.

“Intense love does not measure, it just gives.” ~ Mother Teresa

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