Relationships are tested while powerful changes and personal transformations happen in your lives at this time

There are tons of transformations going on in many of your lives right now.  The Venus Retrograde planetary transit is playing a small, yet important part in this to an extent.  The Venus Retrograde forces you to examine your current relationships in a deeper way.   Are you fulfilled in your relationship?  Is it causing unnecessary stress for a prolonged period of time?  These are a couple of the questions that you may find yourself asking now.  Relationships that are tested are all relationships such as love, friendships and even business connections.  Anywhere there is a connection with someone else; it may likely be faced with more scrutiny than ever at this time.  Of course the relationships that are specifically challenged are the ones that have had some measure of instability to begin with. 

The couples who are always doing great will simply ride through this transit.  Although they may find that their connection is actually deepened even more.  We’ll be feeling these effects through the end of the month.  In February, you’ll know if your relationship is meant to continue or dissolve.   The healthier route would be to first work on what you have as long as both parties are willing to save it by putting in the effort.

The problem that is causing some bigger turbulence than the actual Venus Retrograde is the current Uranus T-Square with Pluto transit, which formed in December.  This is what is causing the most upset heightening the effects of the Venus Retrograde.

Uranus and Pluto are cool, emotionless and detached planets.  The disturbance it ignites out of this distant feeling causes deep upset or unsettling emotions.   A T-Square is a super tight antagonistic opposition.  This is where any struggle you might be experiencing this past month or so is truly coming from.  In this position, Uranus tends to prompt someone to act recklessly out of character.  They may be more selfish than usual or screaming for some kind of independence.  Uranus typically leaps without thinking.  This can cause issues in your interpersonal relationships.

Pluto wipes the slate clean and eliminates people and circumstances out of your life without warning.  When you have Uranus and Pluto in the boxing ring together, it’s going to be testy and cause turmoil.  The bright side is these planets are responsible for transforming you and your life into something better.  It first needs to rip the old out first because you won’t do it for a variety of reasons.  The culprit is usually fear.  Fear of the unknown stops us from making drastic moves.  You likely know what area in your life has been tested for you in the last month or so.  This is where to look at as far as making positive changes in that area.

Within the last month I’ve been pulling the same cards for so many different people that only solidify that this is global.  The Tower card.  Ten of Swords card.  Judgement card.  These all point to major endings in your lives.  The ending can also be a particular way of thinking.  Maybe its time to dismantle your thought processes.  The “Judgement” card in the tarot points to a miraculous transformation experience after “The Tower” card has pulled what no longer works out of your life.  The “Ten of Swords” points to the worst being over and brighter circumstances are about to enter your life.   Be patient, stay focused and do not make any impulsive decisions based on erratic emotions.  This all too shall pass.  Ask your spirit team for guidance and to show you signs of where to direct your attention towards.

I’ve included the image of the “Life Experience” card from the Angel Tarot deck.  It’s the equivalent of “The Tower” card, but a much more peaceful and optimistic image of what the outcome will be.  It’s not entirely gloomy as the sun is peering through and brightening up the flowers in front of Archangel Chamuel.  It is the dawn of a new day on the horizon.

~  Kevin Hunter

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