Jesus messages are about all love and all healing.

Whether you’re a fan of Jesus or not, you cannot deny the impact the man has created. He is the reason Christmas is celebrated around the world. He is the reason some call this time of the year, “the Holidays”. I would love to meet the soul who has never heard of the word Christmas. 

Celebrating Christmas does not mean that you live your life the way Jesus intended. His messages are about all love and all healing. He was not about anger or judgment. He was not about living your life in stress or greed. He is all about the uplifting joyous kind of love. This was why he was sent to Earth in human form. It was to teach that and spread that around. No one is going to listen to a spirit being. If they did, then we wouldn’t have the drama that exists all around the world. This is why many souls come into the Earthly plane in human form to send reminders and do the work for the Light. There are millions of human souls who have wandered off their path and forgot how to love. They have grown to be indefinitely lost with no hope in sight. 

Before I entered this Earthly plane in human form, Jesus was one of the final spirits to approach me. He said that he was going to wipe my memory slate clean. And that the only thing I would remember from the spirit world would be love. He whispered in my ear, “Remember all that matters is love. You will for some time, but you will find your way back to that essence. When you do, you will remember who you are. We will immediately connect with you when you are born into a human body.” 

He said I would be tested in unimaginable ways in order to know what human suffering was like. Since on the other side I had no clue. I watched others on Earth suffer, but I felt nothing. I was detached. It was detachment with love and not a cold detachment. There are different levels in the way spirits feel and perceive things. As a warrior on the other side, I had some measure of disconnection. All I knew was taking care of business. Somehow I’ve incorporated that into my purpose here. 

Jesus is not typically the light I call in. He visits me to connect on rare occasions regardless. When he does, those are the moments where I feel the indescribable kind of love that doesn’t seem to exist on Earth. It’s an incredibly powerful euphoric feeling. You feel like you’re soaring above the clouds.

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