Knight of Raphael; Knight of Cups. Creative pursuits. Relationship Commitments.

What can we expect this brand new week to be? The Knight of Raphael showed up (or the Knight of Cups). The Knight suite typically shows things moving with great speed. But great speed in regards to what? The Raphael/Cups suite represents water, which represents feeling and emotions. This card tends to revolve around relationships, but not always. In this case, I’m being shown that “relationships” is one of the messages. This is not surprising considering that we are a couple weeks away from Venus officially going retrograde which will affect most relationships.

The Knight of Raphael/Cups here is also about a new ‘feeling’, a new you and sense of self. Loving yourself more. It’s also pointing to a new partner or a renewed great feeling with your current partner. If you are single, pay attention as you could be crossing paths with a potential suitor this week even if it’s just a fly by date. The Knight is not always committed. Sometimes it’s just pointing to a great time with someone. If you are in a relationship, you may experience a deeper connection with that person this week, possibly even a proposal or stronger commitment happening between the both of you.

There is always a potential negative side to a card that shows up. And with the Knight of Raphael/Cups, this is no exception. Because it’s in the water suit, when water turns negative what happens? Over emotional. Iciness. Beware of dramatic scenes, jealousy or melodrama. Don’t let your feelings get out of control that they run loose into negative territory. Stay grounded and centered.

This is also about creative endeavors. Because the feeling quotient is high, this is a good week to dive into some creative work or hobby whether that be painting, writing or music. Any kind of creative pursuit will do. Definite success there. Anything that allows you to express your inner self through art is a big plus this week. It’s also a positive way to channel any tempestuous energies you might be experiencing.

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