I have Clairaudience which means clear hearing

All psychics read in a variety of different ways. Not everyone has the same gifts. For example some will need to have the person in front of them to read them. While others need to have them on the phone to hear their voice vibration. I do not need to see or hear the person and in fact prefer not to. I am too sensitive too nuances and it actually doesn’t help me, but distracts.

Because I’m clairaudient I am able to hear the voice of spirits in my left ear. It has been this way since birth in an ear that is partially deaf. I just need to be in a centered state, but not always. Sometimes they speak loud enough that I can hear them. I often times will typically hear them answer the question someone is asking me before the person has finished their sentence.

We are all psychic and have varying degrees of abilities. We were all born with these gifts, but over time we created blocks that are influences that society has imposed. These blocks dim the communication that one has to the other side. Although I don’t do readings for a living, I have agreed to doing them for specific cases when my schedule permits. I am an author first and foremost. My work is about relaying information that Spirit has for humanity in a myriad of ways. Sometimes they are within a story that is merely for entertainment. I will weave in their messages through the book.

I also do not identify with or use the word psychic with myself at all ever. I wove that into my book, “Paint the Silence” with the character Ruston Bock.

He says when questioned that he is a psychic. “I prefer not to use that word. Makes me think of those deserted shops in alley ways with the neon sign on the door that says, ‘Psychic Reads’. I’m more of an investigative researcher. I rely on intuition with common sense. That sort of thing.”

What do I identify with?  Author.  Also at times, “Healer. Channeler.”  I am channeling messages from spirit.  I don’t do well with cards even though I have fun using them on occasion.  I do not typically always need them, but rather ‘trust’ the information that the other side is relaying.

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