Testy, hostile energies continue as Mercury continues its Retrograde cycle

Have you all been having a testy couple of weeks? Or perhaps others are trying your patience or bringing in negative energy into your personal space and vicinity by “acting out”? Yes, this is Mercury Retrograde energy at its finest. Of course as I’ve said before, those that act out during the Mercury Retrograde are those who typically don’t know what it is or believe in it. 

This is also being compounded along with the recent Lunar Eclipse, which is a heightened Full Moon and can last for quite awhile. We are also gaining speed and heading into the Solar Eclipse this weekend. The Solar Eclipse is a heightened New Moon. It is directed outwardly whereas as the Lunar Eclipse forces us to pay attention to things going on within. Dealing with things within seems to be more difficult for human souls for some reason. Emotions and feelings are a funny thing that they can be all over the place. All of these transits are flying through one of the three water signs, Scorpio. Scorpio energy is magnetic, sexy and powerful on a good day, but also ruthless, cunning, destructive on a bad day. We are having quite the wild ride right now as this energy vacillates back and forth all day long.

What does my Spirit team say? Look at the daydream card attached. The human soul is relaxed, smiling and hanging out in nature. Don’t get caught up in the noise and drama of the world’s nasty behavior. It is flying out from all angles right now. It’s erratic and unstable. It does nothing to help anybody around. Instead use this time to your advantage. Take more time outs than necessary. Avoid going to places where you know it’s going to be taxing on your system. Go for walks alone and just ‘daydream’ as the card says. But daydream about beautiful wonderful things. Allow your mind to list the amazing blessings that you do have in your life. Imagine and envision the life you’d like to have. The Solar Eclipse New Moon energy is very powerful and adds extra manifesting energy to your thoughts. So be careful with your thoughts more than ever now. Keep them positive and upbeat. If your mind goes into worry or something negative, you’re going to bring about more of that to you! 

Do whatever it takes to get you to that place of feeling happy and content. This can be anything small from watching a funny, uplifting movie to hanging out with a friend who always makes you laugh or is always optimistic. Focus for a beat on the human figure on the card and aim for that feeling and state of mind.

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