Psychic readings for Madonna and Katy Perry

For entertainment purposes, I decided to do a psychic reading and connect to Katy Perry and Madonna. What does my spirit team have to say about them at this point?

For Katy Perry, I decided to focus on her relationships. She’s a romantic at heart and deserves someone amazing who compliments her most awesome qualities. I asked to show me Katy Perry and Russell Brand even though that union has been long over. It still stings and that’s what they’ve shown me. There is a lot of disappointment coupled with indifference there. There is a heart hardening between them. This has changed Katy specifically and the way she views love. There is a little caution and hesitance there even though she still believes in the fairy tale love. I asked them to show me her and John Mayer since their future together years from now looks hazy and unlikely. If they end it indefinitely there will not be any hard feelings the way there was with Russell Brand. With them, it appears that there isn’t enough quiet time together. They’re both busy and not physically together enough. This one is a deeper connection between those two though than when she was with Russell Brand. Brand didn’t know what he truly wanted and was just going along with it, unfortunately, at the expense of someone else. He does need to take some responsibility for that and I’m told he hasn’t yet. This is probably where the indifference is.  John Mayer is meant to re-awaken her soul after the last major love connection, but he is not the one I see her with long term.  She is being prepped for that ‘right’ guy coming later on.

When peering into Madonna, they showed me complete contentment in all areas of her life.  Everything is going splendidly and couldn’t be better.  From love, home, family, career.  She is on cloud nine and in complete happiness.  She has accomplished a great deal and there is much satisfaction surrounding her.  She’s at a place where she can finally enjoy it.  The true riches are her awareness with her own soul and connection to her family and home life.  She is blessed with an overflowing and never ending stream of abundance.  Because she’s got everything and is taken care of on all fronts by spirit, she is able to focus on one of her life purposes, which is this Revolution of Love project.  Her intent is to bring love awareness to the planet which is in desperate need of and has been for centuries.  Will the world listen though?  Probably not.  The mass majority is too absolved in full on ego, judgment, negativity and hate.  They are drowned in it with nearly no hope to rise above it. However, Madonna’s mission will change some and if you can change at least one person, then you’ve done your job.  That person will then pay it forward and so forth.

~ Kevin Hunter

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