Don’t drown in negativity, fears or worry. Ask Archangel Michael to cut those cords.

I was receiving an abundant amount of psychic hits from Archangel Michael reminding us to stay optimistic. Don’t drown in negativity, fears or worry. As I was urged to post this reminder, I decided to pull a card on it. Sure enough, I pulled the Five of Michael. I pulled it again on a double check. I’m including the card in this message since it was potent.

The Five of Michael is equivalent to the Five of Swords in the Tarot. The Swords suit tends to cause concern for some when having a Tarot read. The majority of our unhappiness is caused by our own thoughts. The Swords suit is part of the Air element and therefore shows us issues caused by our thoughts. Archangel Michael represents this suit in the Archangel Power Tarot. He cuts our toxic etheric cords with his light ‘sword’ when we ask him to. He can remove all traces of negative thinking patterns.

This is also a “five” card which typically presents challenges. If we don’t have challenges, we don’t grow. When we are aware of them we are more able to shift them. The Five of Michael shows our thoughts are on the negative side. In this beautiful image, Archangel Michael is vacuuming away dark energy. Visualize him taking this vacuum hose and inserting it into your crown chakra above your head. Now he turns the vacuum on and sucks in any negativity that you may have been harboring, absorbing or showcasing. Allow him to remove all traces of it within and around your body and soul leaving you feeling uplifted and optimistic. Then let go of any and all burdens and concerns and hand it to God. Once you release the need to control the outcome of your worries, the more likely it will resolve itself in a rapid fashion.

~  Kevin Hunter

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