Ten of Pentacles; Ten of Ariel; Archangel Power Tarot message

What a lovely message for us all this weekend. I know it’s seemed as if my Guides and Angels have been giving me messages for you that are in the vain of helping humanity by cleaning up our act through making necessary lifestyle adjustments. Many seem to be battling intense energies and emotions over the last number of years as we move out of the final dark age. With this comes a lot of purging and releasing of the old ways of living that no longer work for us. This weekend my Spirit team wants us all to get out there and enjoy life! The Ten of Ariel has come up bold and beautiful. Traditionally this card is about completion of one part of your life or a project. This completion is a reason to celebrate. Enjoy the rewards that come with the effort or lessons you’ve gained through this completion. 

Archangel Ariel works with you on obtaining success. She provides abundance by showering it upon you when you ask for her help. She is present in nature, high up in our mountains, moving along with the wind in the deserts, surfing the waves of our oceans. Your concrete material needs increase when you invite Archangel Ariel into your life and follow her guidance. She represents the Earth suit in this deck. The Earth suit in the Tarot focuses on things like stability, security, family, financial rewards, inheritance, etc. Material needs are not necessarily financial. They can appear in other ways. Success is not always financial, but success can also be a state of mind in feeling grateful and optimistic with where you’re at now and how far you’ve come. 

Because this card has come up for us all this weekend, you’re asked to put your work and worries aside and celebrate your life. Be grateful for what you currently have. See it all in a positive light. See the blessings that you have in your life right now. Don’t think about or worry over what’s coming next or what’s not here. Put that all aside and let loose, enjoy yourself, celebrate and have a good time. 

Because this also points to family, you’re asked to get together with your family and close ones. When we say “family” know that it doesn’t necessarily mean your earthly blood related family. Family is a place of unity and hope and gatherings. Family are your friends, your close ones, the trusted ones. We are all family and connected on here in one way with at least one common goal and interest. 

On this card, two women are sitting outside in a gorgeous Paris cafe. They are boldly wearing warm, bright colors and their personalities are showcasing this. They are basking in smiles and clearly having a good time. They’re not gossiping or speaking negative words. They are laughing and feeling joy and relaxation. This is what the Angels want for us always. They want to help us get to that place of being in this state around the clock. The children on the card are having an equally fun time unleashing their cares in a hop scotch game. All four of these people are also outdoors, so get outside and rejoice in a private celebration known only to your soul. Or call up a friend who knows how to have a good time and who is always smiling and let all of your cares go and have an awesome time!

(This card is from the “Archangel Power Tarot” deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. It’s available now in hard form or on the app. Both versions give clear, uplifting guidance and messages)

~  Kevin Hunter


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