Madonna and the Revolution of Love Project interview and mini-film

Someone in the spiritual community sent this to me and said, “Hi Kevin, if you haven’t watched this yet, I’m sharing it with you… She speaks right from my heart. I’ve always felt ‘linked’ with her (and with Michael Jackson and other great souls), now I know why.”

In this 40 minute interview Madonna mainly discuss her revolution of love project.

Interview: How far are you willing to go?

Madonna: As far as I have to go.

Interview: So, you’re in this for real.

Madonna: Yes. Yes, I am.

Madonna’s interview regarding the “Secret Project Revolution”.

When I had watched that interview I realized even more that her life purpose keeps on expanding. She and Michael Jackson were warriors on the other side. He being a compassionate warrior and Madonna being a fearless warrior. She was also a Male General in a past life. They are god sent to not only uplift and bring joy to so many millions of people for a prolonged period with their music and entertainment, but they also use that platform to wake up masses of people and steer them towards love. They both do that. Michael Jackson did that and Madonna did and still does.

Michael Jackson’s life and purpose here ended early for a reason. He had such an impact while alive that all that could be done was complete. Madonna on the other hand will keep going until the very end. One of the many reasons is so that the angels can hammer home that age and being a woman is irrelevant. Society has placed prejudices on both and obviously Madonna has been a constant target of that wrath. However, the angels are not worried or concerned because Madonna is perfectly capable of standing strong in any hail storm as she has proven decade after decade now. She pays no mind and continues on with her purpose. As we all need to be doing that. She is an example of this and a motivator in her own right.

The 20 minute mini-film.  Secret Project Revolution:

~  Kevin Hunter

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