Archangel Jophiel message for the Full Moon; Archangel Power Tarot

Before you can bring in anything new into your life, you will need to clear out the old. When I pull cards, I invite my Spirit team in. I mostly hear their voices clairaudiently. They will tell me when to stop on each shuffle. The card “Decision” represented by Archangel Jophiel was directed to me twice when doing a double check. It’s not uncommon for me to say to my team, “Confirm this for me again please.” I’ll be directed to shuffle until they raise their voice even more to stop. I flip over the card and it’s the same one. “And thank you.”

In the image of this card, Archangel Jophiel carries an opened bird cage that shows seven white doves flying out of it and upward. The same way Archangel Jophiel has opened the cage and “released” the birds is what we must do this week. “Release” that which has been delaying you and holding you back from progress. You most likely already know what you need to let go of. It’s anything or anyone that brings you down or makes you experience inadequate feelings like depression, anger or stress of any kind. This also includes foods and substances that are not good for you and cause your body to react negatively such as giving you low energy or irritability. This delays you from taking positive action of any kind and in moving forward.

The doves here are reminding us to release anything negative so that you can truly be free and soar upwards to where your higher self wants to be. Each of the seven doves has a colored light surrounding them. They are the colors of the rainbow which represent the seven different chakras within our soul that govern all aspects of our lives (physical, mental, emotional). If one is unbalanced then that creates an imbalance around that particular area of your life.

A castle looms in the distance showing you a sign of what to expect when you release all of this negative stuff. You’re on your way to obtaining your dreams. This is the end result and it’s coming close, but you have to do the work. You have to release negative thoughts, patterns and people.

The deep pink roses in the garden represent an expression of joy in this case. Archangel Jophiel appears surrounded by a rose light with tinges of yellow. She works with you to help you have a good time. She does that by beautifying everything she touches. This can be from things like your home to your thoughts and even the way you carry yourself. The white roses symbolize new beginnings and harmony up ahead when you release the things that have trapped your soul. This card is showing up at the right time as we are feeling the effects of the Full Moon which will be at its height on Thursday, September 19th. The Full Moon is a time of releasing, re-aligning and then manifesting (positively – so watch your thoughts!). If you find yourself absorbing negativity, then call on Archangel Jophiel and ask her to intervene and help you with staying positive and optimistic.

~  Kevin Hunter

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