God created tons of water within us and all around us for a reason.

I was given the message of the Ocean for all of us today. In this case, they told me that this about drinking water. Water is a critical necessity you need to consume lots of. Our bodies are compiled of water. God created tons of water within us and all around us for a reason. This was to ensure that we are able to keep our bodies in working condition while we are here.

One of the ways this is accomplished is by drinking water. This hydrates and fuels all of your organs flushing out all of the toxins you breathe into your body. These pollutants and waste stay in your body causing damage to your kidneys over time if they are not rinsed out repeatedly with water. When you drink plenty of water you have more energy, a clearer complexion and not to mention you look better too!

I have been drinking over eight glasses of water since I was a teenager. I carry a huge missile of water with me every single day and have been since I was seventeen. One of my many secrets is having a disciplined regimen that includes consuming at least eight glasses of water a day. Your water consumption needs to be done indefinitely. This is plain water. I know that can be boring for some. I’ve had friends have an issue with consuming water without anything in it. Drink it naturally without any additives. You’ll get used to it. You’ll also start to notice a major difference in your energy levels and with your complexion.

~  Kevin Hunter


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