Soul Mates and Twin Flames

“Soul Mates and Twin Flames”


“We all have more than one soul mate. You may want to meet your soul mate, but you may not be aware that you have already met several of your soul mates. Your soul mate can be a family member, an acquaintance, a business colleague, a friend or a lover. Soul mates are put in our path for the purpose of our growth. You both have something to learn from the other one that will benefit the progress of your soul. Our soul mates are not everybody we come into contact with. You will know if they are your soul mate if they challenge you in a particular way that prompts you to change in a positive way. They may get you to take a good hard look at what you need to change in your life and/or push you to accomplish your dreams or improve yourself.”


“Your twin flame is the other half of your soul. Most people do not meet their twin flame in this lifetime. Twin flames are a higher form of a soul mate. For some of us our twin flame is waiting for us on the other side. They are not sitting around idly waiting, but rather they are assisting us to manifest soul mates for us in this lifetime. If our twin flame is in the Spirit world, they do not want us going through life alone. They want us to have someone to share our journey with while were here. If your twin flame has reached a high level of spiritual growth that has surpassed yours, they will already have moved onto another dimension. You will meet them when you cross over. You will not meet your twin flame in this Earth life if you have not reached a high degree of spiritual growth. If you do happen to be in the rare category where you have grown spiritually and therefore come into contact with your twin flame in this lifetime, then you may find that it won’t be easy for you both. The intensity you both have for one another are extremely deep. It’s that true saying: ‘I can’t live with you – I can’t live without you’. There is often an age difference between yourself and your twin flame. They may be from a different state or even country entirely having varying cultural beliefs and backgrounds than yours.”

~  Kevin Hunter

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