Four of Raphael; Four of Cups; Feeling despondent?

I’ll be testing out the new Archangel Power Tarot deck on occasion and posting some of that on here. The deck will be available in hard form within a couple of months. It’s currently available as an app.

So what messages are being relayed to us as a whole today? This card says “Four of Raphael”. Archangel Raphael is representing the Water/Cups suite in this deck. The Four of Raphael. The “Four of Cups” traditionally shows someone who is feeling despondent. There may not be something specific in your life that has caused such unhappiness. However, you might not be entirely happy in your life right now. Perhaps you’re over the job you’re working at and dreaming of something bigger. You want to get paid to do work that is your passion. Or maybe you’re unhappy with where you’re living or with the relationship you’re currently in. This unhappiness is causing you to feel glum and lacking in excitement and energy. You might not even be aware that your feeling this way, but your thought vibrations say otherwise.

Archangel Raphael says to look at the bright side of things with this card. Don’t get mired down and depressed with where you’re currently at in your life. There are positives to every situation you’re in. If you’re feeling dispirited, look at the positives surrounding what’s making you feel this way. Okay, so you’re not happy at your job and you want to leave or do something more while there. Change your thought vibrations to mask something positive. For example, be blessed that you have a job to begin with and that your bills are getting paid. By shifting the vibration of your thoughts into something optimistic, you invite that energy in! It won’t be long before you do get the job, career, relationship or home you want. After changing the way you are thinking, take little action steps towards making your dream happen. Investigate, research and dive on in.

The “Four of Raphael/Cups”, also shows that your spirit team is working with you. They’re showing you steps and handing you little opportunities that propel you one move closer to your dream. You’re so dispirited that you’re not noticing it. Get happy and be optimistic believing that you have everything you want, then watch your world open up. Call upon Archangel Raphael to elevate your mood when it takes a dip into pessimism.

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