Archangel Ariel is deep in our oceans, high up in our mountains and present in the open desert.

Archangel Ariel heals animals, our planet and all wildlife, but I call upon her to give me courage, confidence and a fighting nature. I ask for her assistance in helping me reap what I sow. She can help you in manifesting your material and physical needs. Visualize big with Archangel Ariel such as working in the career of your dreams. Envision the home you have always wanted to have. In a sense, she works similarly to Archangel Raziel, although they are quite different. Archangel Raziel manifests your dreams into reality while Archangel Ariel assists with manifesting your day to day needs. 

Archangel Ariel is deep in our oceans, high up in our mountains and present in the open desert. Anywhere in nature is the best place to commune with her although you can ask for her help wherever you are. She is so powerful and unlimited like all Archangels, that she is everywhere at once. She watches over all of God’s creations from animals, pets and our habitat. She steps in and intervenes with those who harm any of God’s creations and protects our planet in the process. She does not take it lightly when human Egos inflict destruction on nature. Archangel Ariel is a fierce and powerful soldier Archangel that can infuse you with a fighter spirit and bring out your compassionate inner power helping you to obtain all of the wonders you’ve imagined in your dreams. – 

~ From my book, “Warrior of Light: Messages from my Guides and Angels”

Kevin Hunter

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