Break away from the self-imposed prison you’ve constructed for yourself. Seven of Swords; Angel Tarot.

Many get uncomfortable when they receive an Air or Swords card.  Some even attribute it to something negative.  Air represents mental properties so it’s not really negative.  Our thinking processes tend to be the biggest culprit and cause of any unhappiness in our lives.  You may not get a blissful “Sun” card today that promises celebrations and rewards, but a Swords suit card shines a light on specific areas that we’re not paying attention to that need some modifications.  Those adjustments will then lead you to the Sun and the happiness.

The Seven of Air can represent something done in secret or wanting to be alone.  When I get a relationship question in a read where someone is asking me if the person they are with is faithful, the “Seven of Air” card tells me that they are indeed with someone who is not being entirely faithful.  The surrounding cards will give me more information surrounding where the deceit is taking place.  If it’s next to a “Three of Cups” card then that can really hammer home that there is a third party in the mix.  But if it’s next to “The Dreamer” card then that person can simply be deceiving themselves.  In that respect, it can be you who is being deceitful simply with your own thoughts.  Are you procrastinating?  Are you feeling like you’re running around in a circle going nowhere just like the Unicorns in this image?  It’s time to work on breaking away from the self-imposed prison you’ve constructed for yourself.   In the image of this card, a couple of the Unicorns have broken away from running around in a circle getting nowhere and they found another path to go down.

The “Seven of Air” card tends to pop up for everyone at some point during the Mercury Retrograde cycle and that’s what this card means today.  This is about breaking away from anything that is holding you back from moving forward. You may need to go back and re-examine what it is you want and how it is you are going about obtaining it.  We are still in the Mercury Retrograde cycle so this is the perfect time to go back and look at what needs to be modified in your life.  After July 20th, take that new enlightened information and run with it.  Then you will be that much closer to reaching the Sun.

~  Kevin Hunter

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