Work on your Soulmate relationships during the Mercury Retrograde #soulmates #relationships

“Soulmate Relationship” is the card that I have continuously been shown for everyone this past week.  Love is the reason we are all here.  I’ve been hammering this home for as long as I can remember.  I started out writing about love over a decade ago and counseling people in relationships or those searching for one.  My phone and email box gets blown up regularly by others and those around me with questions about love.  I’ve devoted an entire chapter to the topic in my “Warrior of Light: Messages from my Guides and Angels” book.  In that chapter, I was urged to convey guidance surrounding the human heart, soul mates, twin flames, dysfunctional relationships, ex’s and much more.

We all have many soul mates in our lifetime.  They are not just love relationships.  They can be friends, family members, business connections, lovers, acquaintances and even Children.  It can be someone in passing that passes something on to you that shifts your world towards something better.  Soul mates challenge us, open us up, help us face our baggage and learn from our mistakes.  They help our spirit grow and enhance.  This Earthly life is one big class after all. 

In this case with this card, I’m being told that as Mercury continues to go Retrograde until July 20th, this is a time to work on your current relationship connections as well as with those from the past that ended without closure.  If you’ve found people popping up from the past to re-connect, know that they are popping up for a reason that benefits your soul.  You might feel uncomfortable with that and throw your hands in the air, “Oh I’m not talking to her!”  The re-connection is to give you or them an opportunity to have the closure that was never made.  You need to make your peace with them and have some closure by forgiving if necessary or accepting their forgiveness for something you might have done.  You don’t have to continue with a forged friendship or relationship with them, but there are some previous Karma that needs to be worked out between the two of you.  This is also the purpose of Mercury Retrograde.  It’s going back to make good with what was wronged in the past.

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